How will people know your app is there? When they find it, how will you convince shoppers your app is worth their money? In other words, how do you market your iPhone app?

Having a bestselling app is about more than just creating the best software (although, that certainly helps!). How you market your iPhone app will make the difference between having sluggish sales and raking in huge profits.

One of the most effective ways to market iPhone apps is by making the most of your spot in the App Store. Your app should do more than just sit on the shelf. Use the App Store as your launch pad to successfully selling your software. Learn as much as you can about the ins and outs of this superstore so you can maximize your chances your app is seen and downloaded.

While at first it might seem like you don’t have much control over how your app will appear in the App Store – after all, Apple controls all aspects of their shop – you have more ways to market your app than you might think.

You should use every part of your App Store page to its fullest to convince shoppers your program is worth buying. That means taking some extra time when you submit your app to write a compelling description and create an eye-popping icon.

If your app is already for sale, make your next update a money-making makeover: update your description, upload a tweaked icon, and use screenshots that really show off the best of what your app can do.

Also, take a look around at your competition and find ways to set yourself apart. You can make your customers’ decision to buy much easier if you price your app lower than your competitor’s. Or if you make it crystal clear in your app description why yours is better (and worth a higher price).

When you market your app in the App Store, you’ll need to get app store reviews and installs. Many iPhone developers just let their products sit on the shelves. But now you can supercharge your marketing to start selling more today.

How Do I Make Money with iPhone Apps?

“Can I really make money with iPhone apps?” is a common question developers ask. You might think that there isn’t much to be made from cute games and fun apps, but don’t be fooled: the app revolution has made it very possible for an individual developer to make an app that reaches huge audiences and makes real money.

Take a look at the numbers to see how possible making money with iPhone apps is. When you create an app, you’re tapping into a huge – and quickly growing – audience of users. There are over 50 million iPhone and iPad touch users out there, plus a growing number of iPad users. These people are your potential market.

And what a market it is! By 2018, people in the U.S. will buy $6.2 billion in mobile applications according to the Yankee Group. While the App Store isn’t the only place to buy mobile apps, it is the largest and most popular.

Plus, people are eager to buy apps. It’s become one of the main reasons people buy an iPhone or iPad, in fact. Users want to tap into hundreds of thousands of helpful, easy-to-use, or just plain fun apps. These clever software programs created especially for the iPhone turn the device into something new.

People have quickly grown to love apps. The average iPhone user has 65 apps and spent $80 to get them, according to AppFire. And, they don’t just download the free apps. The vast majority of iPhone users they surveyed (93%) have bought at least one paid app. According to AdMob, half of iPhone users buy at least one paid app every month.

This means there is a real opportunity to make money with your app because it’s clear people are excited to buy them. There is a demonstrated need out there for what you’ll sell, which is the best position to be in when you’re looking to make money from your idea.

So, we have a built-in audience of users and a clear desire for them to buy. But, is it easy for you to reach them? That is the final step when it comes to making money from apps. Even if there is a market of potential customers, you still need to be able to sell them your app.

The answer is yes, you can easily sell your app to customers. You don’t need to set up an online store, or figure out how to accept credit cards. You don’t even need to create a website to make money with apps.

Apple has done much of the heavy lifting for you by creating the App Store, its hugely popular mega-mall where people shop for and buy apps. It’s easily accessible from iTunes, as well any iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. And while you are probably familiar with what the App Store is, you might not have thought about how much it does to help you make money by selling apps.

The App Store has a built-in audience – millions of people who visit it to browse the latest apps. Getting to the App Store is just one click away to anyone with an iPhone. Users know the apps they buy will be easily installed on their device, and have been tested by Apple to work. It’s easy for people to browse and safe for them to buy.

As a developer, you have to submit your app to Apple for review. But this step is far outweighed by the prize you receive when you’re approved: access to millions of potential customers.

Audience, willingness to buy, and easy access – these are the three key ingredients that can help you make money with iPhone apps. You can take advantage of this opportunity by creating the next great iPhone app.