Top 5 Blackberry Apps-Ever Hit Apps

Gadgets providers use to provide many state-of-the-art apps to users but also confuse people about the selection of right gadget. Cell phone reviews can help users in the selection of right phone which can serve their needs in a better way. The second concern after buying a cell phone is to download apps, if you are user of Blackberry phone and looking for ever hit Blackberry apps? Here is list of some most happening apps which can help you to introduce ease in your life.


1. WeatherEye

Does it often happened to you that you planned to go somewhere and postponed due to bad weather? WeatherEye is here as solution of your problem, this app provides you detail information about the conditions of weather and inform you about weather forecast and also aware you about weather alerts for your position. Weather Eye includes features like detailed weather conditions, weather forecast (short term, long term), Radar maps, data in Celsius and Fahrenheit.

2. PrivacyStar

Do you wana protect your Blackberry Smartphone and wish to attain maximum protection with it? PrivacyStar is right app for you; it is full privacy and protection app for users. PrivacyStar presents actual name of caller like the ID of caller, it works best for you by filtering the communication on the basis of priorities one set. If you want to attain peace of mind, install this app on your Blackberry Smartphone. Prominent features of PrivacyStar include; one can set the do not disturb feature, block unknown numbers, SmartBlock which automatically block above 25 numbers. A part from this, one can also share block numbers with others users of this app.

3. UberSocial for Twitters

UberSocial for Twitters has been especially designed for users of Blackberry UberSocial is the leading Twitter app. This app sets the rules for enhanced performance of Blackberry Smartphones. Main features of UberSocial are direct mention, tweet and retweet, organize multiple accounts, integration of photo and video with providers, secured tweet mode for privacy, entire set of Twitter functionality, tagging and search (location services). Recent novelty in this app includes; inner circle makes individual timeline of your best and close friends and much more.

4. PingChat

PingChat is the app which offers you the best way to communicate with your buddies, with the help of this app users can enjoy free of cost, unlimited messaging among different Smartphones in addition to group chat, media sharing as well as real-time conversations. All you need to do is to just create a Ping ID and share this ID with all friends and start enjoying this app. Messages sent through PingChat are delivered instantly as one type and click the send button. Good news for you, PingChat is the app which is free and work globally.

5. Blackberry Protect

Blackberry Protect is an app which has been designed to protect the information present in Blackberry Smartphones in case on lose its handset. If you are user of applicable consumer data plan you can make use of this app and then log into website where you wish to lock the information and data and this app will also enable you to find missing Smartphone. Additionally, you can also select to acquire the backup of your missing and lost data wirelessly and it depends on the time period of backup you choose for instance daily, monthly or weekly.