Stress Fighter App

We all get stressed out by other people at some point. Ever wanted a way to relieve that pent up aggression? This app lets you do just that.
Stress Fighter is a new app designed by application creator Abhijeet Wable. The application is available for the iPhone and the iPod touch and is fast becoming a world wide hit. Mr Wable has recognised that from time to time, we just need to release our pent up stress caused by others and he has created the perfect app to solve the problem.

Fight Others Without Them Even Knowing!

Stress Fighter is a fantastic new app that allows the user to have on screen fights with the people that wind them up the most. Users of the application are able to place an image of a person into the game either by taking a photograph or using one from their photo library on their phone.
The picture is then uploaded onto a range of 3D bodies and the user can get to work attacking the animation using a choice of 12 different weapons including a baseball bat, golf club and even a stapler.

Stress Relief across the Globe

Stress fighter is available to download from the iTunes app store at a cost of $0.99. The fun game has quickly become popular world wide and has been covered by technology enthusiasts across Canada, The USA, India and Australia. A demonstration of the game is available on Youtube, allowing fans to catch a glimpse of the action before downloading the app for them selves.
The beauty of the Stress Fighter app is that the person you are fighting need never know just how many times you have secretly hit them across the head with a baseball bat or how often you staple their face. As well as a way of relieving pent up anxiety from the people that make our blood boil and our eyes bulge, it’s also proved popular amongst friends. The app gives users the opportunity to have fun taking photos of their friends and family and providing hours of entertainment having onscreen battles.

Stress Fighter AppThe creator Abhijeet Wable is hoping that the success of Stress Fighter will continue to grow and has provided details on how to get the most from his creation on his blog. In a statement Mr Wable said,”I created Stress Fighter to let people beat up their boss or anyone they don’t like without jeopardizing their job. It’s all for fun and just for a buck!”
So, there you have it, whether you want to relieve those celebrity niggles, the stress inducing boss or just have fun with friends, Stress Fighter is the app that allows it all to take place without ever having to break a sweat or pull on those boxing gloves!