Fitness Monitoring Apps

Fitness Monitoring AppsA new suite of mobile apps for the iPhone coupled with a new Wi-Fi technology allows users to monitor their heart and exercise routines. How does it work?
Can an iPhone double as a heart monitor and fitness tracker? Smartphone mobile apps developer iTMP Technology, Inc. believes the answer is yes.
According to iTMP Technology’s February 6, 2009 PR Newswire press release, the company has launched a new wireless technology and suite of mobile apps which allow iPhone users to monitor both their heart rate and fitness routines from anywhere.
iTMP claims their new technology is the first to “actually listen to a person’s heart.” While heart rate (beats per minute, or BPM) is measured, it makes one wonder if the iPhone will soon become a virtual MD with the ability to wirelessly send data to the family physician. With the iPhone it seems, all things are possible.
E-health aside, iTMP’s new SMHEART LINK technology focuses on transmitting fitness metrics from exercise equipment directly to a person’s iPhone.

Overview of iTMP’s SMHEART LINK Technology

In order for fitness data to be transmitted to the user’s iPhone wirelessly, an intermediary device must be used to bridge sensor-enabled fitness products with the iPhone. This is accomplished with iTMP’s SMHEART LINK wireless bridge.
The SMHEART LINK bridge is a small unit designed to wirelessly collect data from Wi-Fi sensor-enabled fitness products including cycling sensors and heart monitor chest straps. It then sends the data to the user’s iPhone.

iTMP Heart Monitoring and Fitness Mobile Apps

To complement to the launch of the SMHEART LINK wireless bridge, iTMP Technology has rolled out a suite of mobile apps for heart monitoring and fitness tracking, recording, and uploading to the internet. These new mobile apps include iNewLeaf, iRPM, and iSPINNING. A fourth app called iBPM is still in development.
When iTMP Technology launches their iBPM+ app, users will be able to monitor their heart rate, view calories burned, and track exercise time.
iTMP Technology says their new fitness apps in conjunction with their Wi-Fi SMHEART LINK technology are the first to allow smartphones such as the iPhone to double as a both a heart monitor and fitness tracking system. Thus, users can track their fitness metrics from anywhere.


While iTMP Technology’s SMHEART LINK mobile apps are developed primarily for the iPhone, the company says they can also be compatible with computers, smartphones, and additional Wi-Fi enabled devices such as the iPod Touch.

iTMP SMHEART LINK: The Bottom Line

Bottom line, iTMP’s SMHEART LINK technology is a novel approach to exercise tracking and heart monitoring. In conjunction with its suite of mobile apps, this new technology is sure to please exercise aficionados everywhere.