When you hire my team to help you promote your marketing app, we will help you develop mobile app marketing strategies that will help you with the promotion, instant messaging, and use of industry specific marketing tools.

App Marketing StrategyWe will first create a strategy to help spread the word about your mobile app to buy app installs. For example, let say you own a restaurant or catering service. Your front desk and servers would spread the word about your app. If you are a Real Estate Agent or Investor, you may consider publishing that you have a marketing app in your advertising material. The marketing strategy will depend on what type of service you have and location.

Next, we will then help you to use probably the most powerful marketing tool that we include in your mobile app. This powerful tool is Instant Messaging. Instant Messaging is when you send marketing messages to your customer’s downloaded app about discounts, events, or information. When you send your customer’s an Instant message, the open rate for received messages is 97%! Email marketing open rate is around 3-6%! We will teach you the ethical way of sending instant messages that are effective but do not annoy your customers.

After that, we will help you use industry specific, marketing and discount tools that you’ve included in your app that are appropriate for your business. For example, restaurants benefit from using QR Codes and discounts, reservations, and online food ordering tools. Car washes like to use GPS QR codes. Other promotional tools you can include are tell a friend, refer a friend, the loyalty program, fan wall, events tab, directions tab, car finder, and call us tab. In other words, any type of professional marketing and discount tool you can think of we can include in in your Mobile App Marketing Strategies.

In addition, we can swap out and delete functions at any time in your own personalized back office area. In fact we can change almost anything in the back office like the color scheme, main logo, add or delete functions, add special holiday and event tabs. When you finish making the changes, they will take affect within a day or two.

And again to stress this benefit, we can make any of these changes and are included in the low monthly fee. If you were to hire a programmer to make these changes, it would cost you more money and time that you would like to spend!

So, how do you get started? The first step is to go to the Demo Marketing App page and request a free demo-marketing app. I will personally call you back within 24 hours to have a totally FREE 1 on 1 consultation. We will build an app for you within 10-day period, and let you test-drive your app until your 100% satisfied. Then when you want to purchase the mobile marketing app (and I am totally confident you will love your very own personalized app), we will discuss the different mobile app marketing strategies.

As for the monthly cost, it is less expensive than a cup of coffee at your favorite coffee shop. We usually charge $60.00 / Month for helping you with these marketing strategies.