Why Your App’s Presence Is Difficult In Popular Mobile App Stores?

The app presence in popular mobile app stores like Google play and iOS are difficult in most of the cases. This may be due to basic strategies are not being followed by the app developers while app developing. The flowing difficulties are quite common when it comes to popular app stores like Google play and iOS app stores.

Lack of Keyword Frequency

This is mainly due to the absence of adequate knowledge in the process of developing an app which is published by the app developers in popular app stores as the developers should know keywords frequency in it.

Lack of Selecting Apt Keywords

The main reason behind it, is the absence of the idea in the usage or selecting apt and particular keywords in the time of naming a completed app to promote it in the popular app stores

Lack of Proper Keyword Usage

An another reason behind this is the lack of keyword usage in the important areas while describing the application, because an app description is very important for promoting an app in famous and very frequently used app store like Google play and iOS are the widely used app stores.

Advantages Of Using Other Mobile App Stores

There are many factors which can be considered as merits or advantages which influences in using other app stores rather than the most popular mobile app stores like Google play and iOS app store. Few of those factors are very prominent when it comes to the easy availability of the application in other app stores than the most famous ones. Some of the following advantages are of the incomparable factors which influence the users of different Operating Systems (OS) to opt out.

Easy Availability

The main and the foremost advantage of using other app stores is the neat or proper alignment of the apps in it.

Segregated App Store

Particular set of Operating System’s applicable apps can be downloaded or can be seen using through that particular store mainly because of up to date software updating is pre done in app store.

Easy Payment Availability

Some of the app stores are validated with the pay pal payment method which is a very comfortable factors many users around the world.

Developers’ Friendly

In the case of the application developers’ point of view, registrations fees are not processed in few app stores where as in famous app stores the developers are tend to pay a certain price just to register the account in the app store.

Guaranteed Quality Applications

In the case of few well organized app stores, clean, tested and approved apps are only available where as 100% quality and the user satisfaction is guaranteed.
Those are the few advantages of using other app stores where most of the above said advantages are appreciated and approached in a positively by the customers and the application developers.

Android App Stores

Android App Store is the most widely used and commonly preferred app store which is available in the for of Google Play Store. As most of the widely used mobile operating system is Android, in which it has been forecasted that in the span of three years time the maximum usage and the maximum demanded OS would be Android. In the recent years, the usage spectrum of Android OS usage is increased in a significant way that it is not only used in and as mobile technology but it is utilized in multiple products right from televisions, music devices, gaming devices, etc.

The customers prefer Android mainly for few reasons. Some of them are easy to use interface and easily error rectifying factor in which Android App store is designed.

Other Android App Stores: Appia, Codengo, AppBrain, SlideMe, AppsLib, Soci.i0, 1Mobile, Camangi, Nook App Store, Appoke, Tegra Store, Amazon Appstore, MiKandi, AndroidPit, MatchFuel

Cross-platform App Stores

Cross-platform App Stores consists of various Interfaces like Symbian, Java, Flash, HTML5 usage . This cross-platform is very useful for the application distributors and application developers. Some of the widely used app directory comes under this cross-platform app stores. Some of them are Bananas Factory, Get Jar, Opera Mobile app store, Zee wee, etc. Most of the app store claims that they have reached maximum usage or the maximum audiences all around the world.

Some of the app stores which are under this cross-platform app store claims to have increased rate of apps storage which can be easily viewed by any operating services which supports iOS, Android, etc.

Cross-Platform App Stores: OpenAppMkt, GetJar, KongregateArcade, Handmark, Handster, WAC, PhoLoad, Mobango, Zeewee, Appolicious, Handango, Appia, Biskero, Opera Mobile App Store, Appitalism, NexVa, Kongregate, mJelly, AppVisor, AppCentral, Maopao, WhiteApp, Djuzz, AppShup, BananasFactory, AppCity, Alternative.To

iPhone/iOS App Stores

Why Your App’s Presence Is Difficult In Popular Mobile App Stores?

iOS App stores is digitally transmitted to be utilized in the Apple mobile phones and for all the other iOS devices like iPads, iPods, etc. For the music, games, applications, gaming controls, online video calling, etc. Though the Apple incorporation utilizes only 30% of the profit, this is achieved by the distributed application by the application distributors. The remaining 70% of the revenue which is achieved by the every download of the app by the customer is given to application distributor as a bulk or it is shared to the application developers.

This is widely appreciated by 90 percentages of the app developers where as many other app stores are not that individualistic about the apps purchased or shared by them with the apps distributors.

Other iOS App Stores: App Store, Cydia, Lima, PremierAppShop, SexAppShop

Manufacturer-specific App Stores

Manufacturer-specific App Stores are of different kinds as per the mobile manufacture’s Operating system usage. Some of the widely used and developed app stores are by the big giants in the smart mobile promotions history.

For example, Nokia Ovi store can be used only for optimizing the Nokia products right from the download of music, videos, games, messaging, etc.

And in the case of Microsoft windows market place which is specially designed and developed for Microsoft OS mobiles which is not widely encouraged by the customers though there is a guarantee for tested applications. This is done by applying significant price for every application which is to be promoted in Microsoft windows market.

Some Manufacturer-Specific App Stores : Samsung Apps, LG Smart World, Motorola Shop4Apps, Dell Mobile App Store, CISCO App HQ, Docomo Market, Lenovo App Store

Operator/Carrier App Stores

Operators specific App Stores are managed by telecom companies. They have rich collection of apps and support multiple OS. Like in India, we can see Airtel has its own app store where any Airtel subscriber can download app for java phone, android phones or for any windows phone. Other carriers are Verizon, AT&T, etc are very successful in this business and very much welcomed by the public for most of the OSs users.

When analyzing the factors which influenced the Operators like Verizon, Aircel, Airtel, Reliance, AT&T etc, is to promote their carrier App Store mainly to promote or to advertise their Networks with significant applications to use.

The customers more over chose the correct operators those who give sufficient support and services to them. By this, Carrier App Store creates a win-win situation for them, customers and the app developers. This is because when there is increased number of target towards the customers the growth will be. By this business competition will be regulated by consuming the million numbers of product or the applications which is oriented with best quality and broad services by the Operator or the carriers of the app store.

Some Operator App Stores: Verizon App Store, Vodafone AppSelect, China Mobile, T-Mobile Mall, Sprint, Aircel PocketApps, Airtel App Central, Maxis 1Store, TIM Store, AT&T App Centre, M1 App Store, T-Store, Appzone, Turkcell T-Market, Omnitel App Store, MTNPlay